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We offer bespoke styling, design and artwork solutions in collaboration with interior designers, stylists, architects, offices, hotels, property developers and real estate agents that are after high-end results, without the premium price tag. Our in-house team can curate a range of print selects customised to suit your needs, in addition to personalised print designs to nail your brief, brand philosophy and project requirements. Contact us at hello@giclee-studios.com or via our contact form below to discuss your unique project with our team.                                                

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Pictured: Personalised fine-art diptych in the lobby of The Commons Co-Working Space, Cremorne.


We have a range of photography prints in our archive that are available to clients in addition to our online works, and most can be printed as landscape or portrait orientation in statement sizes up to 250cm x 190cm for Portraits and 220 x 125cm for Landscape orientations.

If you’re after something specific to suit a project aesthetic or brand philosophy we are also able to work to briefs to create works. All artworks created by request are not exclusive unless exclusivity is negotiated into the terms and conditions and will incur an additional fee.


We do offer exclusive, custom print designs for your special project or client's needs. These designs will be kept confidential and available only to you. Exclusive artworks incur an additional fee, so please contact us at hello@giclee-studios.com or via our contact form below to to discuss your unique company or project needs.  

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