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Giclée Studios (pronounced zhee klay) was founded in 2020 by creative duo Nikki Adair, a former Fashion Buyer and Designer and her husband Tom Adair, former Jardan homewares Designer and Buyer and now full-time Artist.

Tom and Nikki’s creative backgrounds, along with Tom’s unique, experimental lens as an Artist, have given Giclée Studios a high-quality edge in a crowded market of low-quality, repetitive decorator prints.

Having collected an extensive range of exclusive images from local and overseas travel, Giclée Studios offers high-quality, archival photography prints from locations all over the world, designed to be enjoyed and transform ordinary spaces into something special. 

Offering photography prints using only museum-grade, archival paper and the finest giclée printing techniques, their works straddle the under-represented space between mass market and the higher end, often un-affordable artworks, with prices starting from $60 up to $800 for their largest prints. 

From gaining their first sales via word of mouth, fast-forward to today and Giclée Studios have customers Australia-wide and across the US, UK and Asia. Having worked on several commercial projects, with prints adorning the walls of co-working spaces such as The Commons, as well as Central House in South Melbourne, as well as a successful, sold-out print collaboration with Flowers By Brett Matthew John, Giclée Studios is set to expand both their interior wholesale and retail business in 2022.